A hint of your shad­ow
and in my mind’s eye
my rea­son crum­bles
while you edge and deny.

You show me your dark­ness,
I’ll show you mine.
The sweet­est of ago­nies,
our thorns inter­twined.

I’ll be your heav­en
if you’ll be my hell.
If you’d wreck and burn
this immac­u­late shell,

I’d sur­ren­der
every last breath,
every lit­tle breath.
If you would just see me.

See how I bend?
I’d sup­pli­cate.
I’d beg you to beg me,
to fill me. To wait.

I’d open so wide,
stoop so low.
How­ev­er you’d taste,
I’d swal­low you whole.

All I want
is to want it more than any­thing.
If you beck­on, I will come.
All I am
is noth­ing at all.
Exquis­ite free­dom
under your thumb.

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