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Haggity Who?

This is the first chap­ter in a children’s/young adult novel I’m writ­ing called Hag­gity Who? The Story of a Girl to whom Strange Things Hap­pen. The essence of this story came to me in a dream. This is my first attempt at a novel in almost twenty years. Reac­tions? Crit­i­cisms? Please let me know!

Chap­ter 1

A strange girl with strange dreams.

Hag­gity Hag­gity Hag­gity who?
A stranger girl we never knew!”

The chil­dren cir­cled round Hag­gity like hyae­nas, chant­ing. Hag­gity crouched into the dirt, cov­er­ing her head with her arms.

Hag­gity Hag­gity Hag­gity hey!
She kissed the boy, he went away!”

The cir­cle grew smaller as they swarmed closer, chant­ing louder. Hag­gity tried to hide her face, but she could still feel their warm breath as they’re chant­ing grew into a crescendo, angry spit­tle fly­ing in her long hair, which now cov­ered her help­less form like a veil.

Hag­gity Hag­gity Hag­gity who?
Hag­gity Hag­gity Hag­gity who?”

They chanted over and over, louder and louder, now crouched over her, the mass of their bod­ies mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to breathe.

Where was he? Where was her savior?


She heard him, from far away. They kicked sand in her face, and she shrieked, her eyes stinging.

He’d never make it in time.


She could hear him; why won’t he come for her? Fin­gers were pulling at her hair, drag­ging her face to the ground. She pleaded with them, tears stream­ing, but their rage had peaked, and they showed no mercy.


He was closer now, but he was too late to save her. Her face in the dirt, suf­fo­cat­ing, she fran­ti­cally turned on her back, only to see one sneak­ered foot poised above her face, then crash­ing down with all its might…


Hag­gity gasped awake, her heart pounding.

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