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The Bride

This story was writ­ten for the Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower, in honor of Anna Meade and Michael Loy’s upcom­ing nup­tials. To the joy­ous cou­ple: May you have an ecsta­tic life together, full of shared sun­sets and fairy dust. And Anna: watch out for Krakens!

The bride stepped gin­gerly into her wed­ding dress, and two maids care­fully laced the gown up her back. The gown sparkled like the starry night above her, aglow with thou­sands of dia­monds sewn into the white thread. She waited patiently as the maids attended the dress, lac­ing, smooth­ing, gath­er­ing the long train around her feet. The maids then addressed the glo­ri­ous mane of her hair, tam­ing her wild dark curls. They ran exotic oils through her tresses, till her ringlets shone and shim­mered. With diamond-encrusted ivory combs they cap­tured her hair atop her head, while way­ward curls framed her alabaster face and spilled down her back. With sweet berry juices they del­i­cately col­ored her full lips, her creamy cheeks.

The wind swirled around her and she looked up to the night sky. A dis­tant howl echoed, and she shivered.

The queen emerged from the shad­ows, and her eyes widened as she regarded the bride.

You look glo­ri­ous, my child,” an approv­ing smile curved her blood-red lips.

The bride cast her eyes down­ward, blushing.

The queen came towards her, then cir­cled around her, lightly fuss­ing with her gown, run­ning her taloned fin­gers through her curls. As the queen came round and faced the bride, she gen­tly caressed the bride’s cheek, attempt­ing a com­fort­ing smile.

Are you ner­vous about the wed­ding night?” she purred.

The bride said noth­ing, but trem­bled, her blush deepening.

The queen leaned in, her lips against the brides ear. The bride could feel her warm, cloy­ing breath as she whis­pered, “There is noth­ing to fear. It will be over before you know it.”

Tears sprung to the bride’s eyes.

You must yield to him,” the queen mur­mured, cap­tur­ing a sin­gle tear on the bride’s cheek with her long, thin fin­ger, “Your body must be wholly his. Your skin…” she ran her fin­ger down her cheek, her neck, trac­ing the soft, swelling flesh of her decoutage, “…must be warm. You body must open to him.”

The queen stepped back, leav­ing the bride’s heart pound­ing, her exposed white skin shivering.

It is time,” the queen growled to the maids, avert­ing her eyes from the bride.

The maids gen­tly led the bride across the sand, to the cliff that over­looked  the churn­ing ocean. The wind whipped her curls, the salty spray of the sea sting­ing her eyes. Blink­ing the mist from her dark lashes, she looked up at the night sky, try­ing to swal­low the tears and bile that rose up in her throat.

Paul_Gustave_Dore_AndromedaThe maids pressed the bride’s body rev­er­ently against the rock face, cap­tured her del­i­cate wrists in heavy chains. The ocean waves height­ened, swelled, and her gown was soon soaked by sea water.

The queen came to her once more, her large eyes wet with tears. Cap­tur­ing her face in her hands, the queen planted one last kiss upon the bride’s cheek. The queen closed her eyes, breath­ing in the sweet and salty scent of the bride’s curls, then turned away.

The bride sobbed as the queen dis­ap­peared into the darkness.

A deep howl swept across the ocean, echo­ing above the ocean waves which rose higher and higher, now lap­ping at her feet. In the dark water, the bride could see an even darker shadow beneath its sur­face, impos­si­bly huge, trav­el­ling with hor­ri­fy­ing speed towards the cliff.

The bride breathed one last des­per­ate sob, then, at the queen’s behest, relaxed her chained arms, soft­ened her shoul­ders, weak­ened her knees. She yielded to her groom, who, with a tri­umphant and deaf­en­ing wail, rose to meet and con­sume his bride.

Title: The Bride
Author: Christina Ramey
eBook: Yes

(Photo Credit: s0ulsurfing via Comp­fight cc)

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  • http://twitter.com/wombat37 @wombat37

    Won­der­ful. Absoblood­y­lutely wonderful.

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  • http://twitter.com/LEJamez Laura Jamez

    So my type of story, I loved this. :)

  • http://fidlet.com/ Christina Ramey

    Thanks! :-)

  • Ang (@ang_writes)

    Oh. My. GOSH! I was riv­eted while read­ing this. My nose was prac­ti­cally touch­ing my phone. This is fabulous.

    • http://fidlet.com/ Christina Ramey

      Ooooh! I’m glad I riv­eted you. 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/SusiHolliday Susi Hol­l­i­day

    Aargh! Scary! Love it :)

    • http://fidlet.com/ Christina Ramey

      Thanks! Not exactly as upbeat as most of the other entries. Haha!

  • Beth Avery

    This is going to give me night­mares. I think the queen freaks me out more than the groom.

    • http://fidlet.com/ Christina Ramey


  • http://twitter.com/PurpleQueenNL Miranda kate

    Fright­en­ing — I hoped for a sec­ond the queen might sud­denly change her mind, but no! Great stuff, dark, scary and edg­ing on gruesome!

    • http://fidlet.com/ Christina Ramey

      Thanks — didn’t know it would have quite that effect on people!

  • http://twitter.com/aehowardwrites A.E. Howard

    *shiv­ers* creepy. and yes, the queen was def­i­nitely creepier than the kraken. Well written

    • http://fidlet.com/ Christina Ramey

      Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.shambrook.5 Lisa Sham­brook

    This cap­tured my full atten­tion, and made me shiver…exquisite detail and won­der­ful words! Loved it so much!

    • http://fidlet.com/ Christina Ramey

      Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/Rowanwolf66 Stacy Bennett-Hoyt

    Such a well done yet clas­sic tale, i loved the descrip­tions full of all the senses. I hoped the Queen would relent as well… or the groom. Yikes! chill­ing prose..

  • http://twitter.com/lizzie_loodles Lizzie Koch

    I was truly absorbed in your tale; such won­der­ful descrip­tion, mak­ing a ‘sac­ri­fice’ seem roman­tic. I loved her strength in the end too. x

  • Eva Rieder

    Oh good­ness, I LOVE this one. Beautiful!

  • Jeff Tsu­ruoka

    Lush lan­guage & great imagery… Very nice.